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Race Around Austria

Austria´s most emotional bicycle race.

EXTREME Race Around Austria

The Extreme Race Around Austria is with its 2,200 km alongside the border of Austria the longest individual bike race in Europe and a qualifying race for the legendary Race Across America. This ain´t no tour, it´s not a stage race. Time is running nonstop till the finish line. 

TEAM Race Around Austria

At the TEAM Race Around Austria, two or four athletes share the route individually.

Race Around Austria 1500

  • Is perfect for everyone who wants to get a taste of the 2,200-kilometer Race
  • Is the "short" loop along the original route of the race that leaves out the west.
  • Gives you the feel of the classic Race but with fewer meters of climbing (around 17,500).
  • Skips many of the difficult Alpine passes but includes highlights such as the Großglockner!

The Race Around Austria 1500 is different from the classic Race Around Austria in that it is a much shorter race. However, the rules for the two races are mostly the same, including those that deal with safety measures, the pre-race inspection and the need for a crew and a pace car. Therefore, the 1500 is not only ideal for cyclists who want to prepare for the classic race, but also a great option for anyone who wants to participate in an ultra-cycling event with longer-than-normal breaks.