The Route

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Route Race Around Austria 2018
Route Race Around Austria 1500 2018

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the GPS data, since GPS devices and GPS data for long routes are prone to be erroneous. Race Management cannot offer you any assistance with regard to GPS devices.


The Routebook will be available for download shortly before the Race. Starter Packs contain two (2) black-and-white copies of the Routebook per cyclist/team. NOTE: Any modifications to the Routebook, such as information regarding Intermediate Stations, construction sites, and detours, as well as any other important information will be listed on a separate sheet of paper that will be included in your Starter Pack. Please pay special attention to all such modifications to the Routebook.


Driving Prohibitions

RVs and other large support vehicles are allowed along the entire route, except for three locations in Styria (Steiermark): between Kalch and Aigen; on the Südsteirische Weinstraße between Gersdorf/Mur and Leutschach; and on the section of the Race Around Austria 1500 between Bruck and Saalfelden and in the Zillertal, which is so narrow that problems with oncoming traffic are inevitable. In any case, we strongly recommend that all large vehicles always avoid driving over mountain passes.

Certain sections of the route that are normally closed to bicycle traffic, such as some tunnels and high-speed roads, are officially open to bicycle traffic for the duration of the Race. However, because those sections are otherwise closed to bicycle traffic, we advise you to NOT practice cycling on them.

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