Two Indians are racing around Austria


Das Team Inspire India mit Fans und Betreuern.

Bharat Pannu und Darshan Dubey beim letzten Interview vor Rennbeginn. Foto: Peter Maurer

It took Bharat Pannu and Darshan Dubey 6.200 kilometres of travelling until they arrived at St. Georgen im Attergau. It is the first attendance at Europe’s hardest cycling race for the duo. In comparison to their travel, it looks manageable to ride the 2.200 kilometres of cycling.

“It was a very warm welcome we received here in Austria”, said the Indian pairing. After a week of acclimatisation they are now ready to enter the ultracycling race. The plan to attend was made in Nashik, a megapolis in Western India. Last year Ammar Miyaji was the first Indian who started at the Race Around Austria. Especially his experience helped Bharat and Darshan planning their adventure.

„He is also from Nashik so it was easy to get the information. But we also received help from an Austrian team who performed well at last year’s two-men’s competition”, tells Bharat Pannu. As they are coming from a flat part of India it was difficult for them to prepare for the Austrian mountains: “But we are really looking forward to the scenic climbs of the Alps in the second part of the race”

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