Extreme solo riders on the road


Die ersten Herren machten sich von St. Georgen im Attergau auf, Österreich zu umrunden. Foto: Peter Maurer

30 athletes from eight different nations started into the RAA Solo Extreme. Their personal aims and goals are different. “My team and me are well prepared and we are looking forward to the first kilometres”, said Stefan Wagner. He wants to return to St. Georgen after less than 100 hours.

The 38-year-old Austrian was the first who left Race Around Austria’s start and finish area at St. Georgen im Attergau. It is the ninth time that Europe’s hardest cycling challenge is organized.

A big topic for the riders is nutrition. A solo athlete will burn more 10.000 calories per day. As they ride most of the day on their bike they have to refuel with liquid nutrition. “It is possible that I get ravenous appetite. Then I need a sandwich and a coke”, tells Wagner.


Also Swiss rider Michael Ruffner has a very liquid-based plan. “If it’s not working we’ll serve pizza” one of his crew members laughs. Little sins are allowed. The major plan is to return to St. Georgen in a good and healthy condition.

Austrian Thomas Haas is suffering from diabetes type one. He is insulin-dependent and has to avoid carbohydrates, difficult for a ultracyclist. Proteins and fats are his solution. “Over one year this plan is working well and I’m feeling good”, describes the 52-Year-Old. He wants to enter next year’s Race Across America.

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