The Race Around Austria CHALLENGE. Presented by Fever-Tree.



The 24-hour classic that embodies the spirit of the Race Around Austria.


For the Race Around Austria Team Challenge, two cyclists take turns covering the course.

The Race Around Austria CHALLENGE (560 kilometers and climb over 6,500 meters) offers beginners a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the exciting sport of ultracycling. It is a 24-hour race that takes the competitors along most of the border of Upper Austria. Whereas a classic 24-hour race involves cycling over and over along the same 20-kilometer-long circular route, for the Race Around Austria CHALLENGE you will only complete one long loop. Each cyclist can be accompanied by a maximum of one support vehicle.

The number of entrants for the Challenge is limited to 50 solo riders and 50 two-person teams.


The Race Around Austria Corporate CHALLENGE is the exclusively category for company teams.


The adventure category of the Race Around Austria. 560 km around Upper Austria, without support vehicle, without supporters and to be left to one´s own resources.

At the official depot of the race management (km 330, at the half of the Race), a full or empty official bag (will be given to the Rider from the organisation) can be deposited, where utensils can left behind or taken up. These bag can be filled at the start. The transport to the depot and back is organized by the organization.

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