Race Around Austria has zero tolerance to doping and is committed to ensuring that Ultracycling is clean, to protect the health of our athletes and the image of the sport as well as comply with the domestic laws.

Process of an in-competition test

In-competition tests take place in principle after the competition. If the competition is over the selected athletes are informed by a chaperone about the test. The chaperon will inform the athlete aboit his rights and duties and will hand it out for signature. The athlete must - under constant monitoring by a chaperone - immediately seek the doping control station. Controls will take place in a doping control room.  The selection of athletes is done by NADA and can either be decided by placing, by name (target control) as well as by drawing lots.

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Only certain, higher level athletes need to apply for a TUE in-advance. Other athletes are able to apply for a planned retroactive TUE once they have been tested.

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